History & Philosophy

History and Philosophy


In 2006, after practicing as a banking, corporate and securities law partner in two of the nation’s preeminent law firms during a three-decade long career, Jonathan Joseph organized the predecessor firm to Joseph & Cohen. Several years later in 2010, Jonathan Cohen, who had been practicing as a litigation partner at one of the nation’s leading litigation firms, joined the firm as Of Counsel. The following year, in 2011, Mr. Cohen became a partner and the firm’s name changed to Joseph & Cohen, Professional Corporation. Marie Hogan became Of Counsel in 2011.   Firm partners, Kenneth Sayre-Peterson and David Honig, joined in 2012 and 2013, respectively.



The philosophy of Joseph & Cohen is premised on the idea that a boutique firm comprised of highly experienced practitioners can deliver the utmost in quality legal solutions and courtroom advocacy through extraordinary service, skill, judgment and creativity when coupled with leading edge technology, but without the inefficiencies, costs and conflicts of interest inherent in large law firms.